Calvin Augustin - Over 56 years of aviation experience
Calvin Augustin - Aviation Expert and Motivational Speaker

Aviation Expert and Motivational Speaker for Aviation and Medical Events

Calvin Augustin is available to appear as a keynote speaker and/or inspirational speaker for your banquet, seminar, or convention. In the past he has talked on “Flying the SR-71”, “B-52s in North Vietnam”, “What it takes to be a Commercial Airline Pilot” other topics related to aviation and flying.

With over 56 years of aviation experience spanning the range of SR-71 pilot, 4 combat tours in Vietnam, 26 years flying for US Airways and currently an Instructor on the B-757 and B-767 for Air Transport International (ATI), Calvin is sure to be the perfect match for the needs and objectives of your next event.

Calvin also has spoken to several groups of physicians about lessons learned in aviation and how they may apply to the practice of medicine.


Medical Speaking Events

  • Keynote Speaker – University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Keynote Speaker – Harvard Macy Institute
  • Keynote Speaker – Harvard Medical School – Medical Education Day


Aviation Events

London, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), University of West Virginia Aeronautical Engineering Department and numerous other events


For bookings

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